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50/50 Challenge Results 2016
Josh Aman
BJJ: 1st
Evelyn Parker
PT. Spar: 1st| Cont. Spar: 2nd | BJJ: 1st
Ella parker
PT. Spar: 3rd | BJJ: 3rd
Ethan Parker
PT. Spar:Participated
Timothy Contreras
PT. Spar: 1st | Cont. Spar: 1st | BJJ: 3rd
Xavier Trigo
PT. Spar:4th | Cont. Spar: 1s t| BJJ: 2nd
Angelica Joseph
BJJ: 4th
CJ Garcia
PT. Spar: part| Cont. Spar: part| BJJ: 3rd
Jacob Garcia
BJJ: participated
Ryan Thomas
PT. Spar: part | Cont. Spar: part | BJJ: part
Dreyton Bromley
PT. Spar: 1s
Ryker Bromley
PT. Spar:Participated
Emmalyn Bromley
PT. Spar: Participated
Cooper Armostrong
PT. Spar: part | Cont. Spar: part | BJJ: part
Kaecen Uhl
PT. Spar: 2nd | Cont. Spar: 1st | BJJ: 2nd
Ronald Anderson
PT. Spar: 2nd | Cont. Spar: 3rd | BJJ: 3rd
AJ Nutt
PT. Spar: Part| BJJ: part
Olivia Nutt
PT. Spar: part | BJJ: 1st
Levi Forbes
PT. Spar: 2nd | BJJ: part
Noah Garcia
PT. Spar:3rd | BJJ: Part
Pavi Ruley
PT. Spar: Part | BJJ: 3rd
Cash Friesenhahn
PT. Spar: 3rd | BJJ: 3rd
Evan Gawlik
PT. Spar: Part | BJJ: Part


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