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Austin T.
Best training environment! Cardio kickboxing is amazing Sensei Roland Torres is the REAL deal!  I have never experienced a class quite as intense and fun as this!  The group of people who come here are awesome, great place to join for sure!
Leah B
Absolutely an amazing place! Sensei Torres and Mrs. Cassey are simply the best! My children attend the kids MMA classes and really love it! They have learned so much from here. The cardio kickboxing classes for adults are intense and fun! So glad we found this place! Love my Dojo Family!
Fishing Mama
Sep 25 2014
RCMA has been our second home for over six years. Both of my boys started taking classes under Sensei Torres since they were 6 years old. The instruction my children receive is phenomenal. Sensei Torres was born to teach MMA which is obvious when you walk through the door. The skills, confidence and discipline that is instilled into each and every student is inherently apparent when observing a class. Sensei Torres is a patient, caring and highly qualified teacher. The students are taught techniques that enhance both the body and the mind. The students respect Sensei Torres not because they have to but because they want to, they are motivated to do their best, and if they fail, to get up and do it again. Nothing is given to you at this dojo, you have to earn it. The pride shown on the faces of the children when they learn a new skill or win a tough match is priceless. If you want your child to learn to protect themselves and to develop values that will help to make them successful in life, this is your dojo !!!
Dianna Wollam
Sep 23 2014
The Cardio Kickboxing class is beyond amazing. . . by far the most intense workout I've ever experienced but you will leave feeling great and looking forward to the next class!!
Mom of a teen
Dec 13 2012
My daughter has been attending this school for 2 years. She enjoys the classes and Sensi Torres. She feels she can protect herself and enjoys the exercise.
M Lockhart
Nov 05 2012
As a former Black belt instructor I was looking for a place that motivated my 8 year old daughter to want to learn and this school and instructors were able to do this. I do highly recommend this school.
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